Radio silence and The Best Day of My Life.

I’ve not posted on here recently. I’ve been busy with, well, graduating. Powering through the last few weeks of school, with shoots and work thrown in between has left me very little time to scribble down my thoughts here. Some of you may know that I was supposed to graduate last year, but spent 2013-14 working in France and Belgium, thus delaying my graduation until now. But after a semester and a to-do-list far too long, my graduation finally arrived on Friday. It was one of those occasions when you feel every single emotion in the spectrum at once. I cried, laughed, felt regret and hope for the future all at once.
After leaving school, and being greeted by my family and friends, we travelled around the city on the back of a lorry (silly Swedish tradition, don’t you think?). After that, I met up with a larger gathering at home for food, drinks and speeches. The love with which my friends and family celebrated me left me warm throughout my heart. I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life. Thank you all for your well-wishes, on Facebook, instagram, and the likes. Now – to eternity and beyond! Just you wait, people.

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