A night in the 18th century – Sven Vintappare

As many of you know, I’m an avid 18th century reenactor. I combine my history interest with my sewing interest, and my love for dressing up. I thus tend to find myself rather frequently amidst like minded, playing dress up together in late 18th century settings. On saturday, some friends had booked an 18th century tavern in Stockholms Old Town for the night, where we enjoyed a historical feast to candlelight. The rustling of silk, flickering of candlelight, smell of tobacco and delicious food made it all a truly wonderful night. I am truly grateful to have such wonderful friends to share my love of history with.

Following are some photos, borrowed from other attendees. The lighting wasn’t ideal for photography, but then again, cameras weren’t great in the 18th century either. Ha. Anyhow, clicking the photos will take you to their photo albums where they were originally posted.

Mathias in one of the most beautiful 18th century mens suits I’ve ever seen. You should have seen how the silver braid trim sparkled in the candlelight!

Paul, Karin, Helene, Marie and Bernd living it up.

Karin and more of Mathias’ beautiful silk suit. Look at those breeches!

Perfect setting. Don’t you just want to grab a tankard and jump right in?

Froofy bonnets and mobcaps, and me looking suspiciously blurry squished inbetween Elin and my Mother.

Happy, and strikingly well clad guests. Helene wore a fab á la Turque turban.

One of the few photos where I managed to sneak in. I wore my 1780s wool redingote, and it kept me perfectly warm and snuggly in the chilly November night.

Studio image of my dress. Photo: Leif Hanell.

The chilly weather gave me the perfect opportunity to wear a slightly wintery dress. I thus chose my wool Redingote (Read: riding coat), wore it with a fichu, my big faux fur muff, a little tricorne and a fur collar. It is lined with a sturdy cotton twill, hand sewn, and drafted by me. The wool kept me perfectly warm in the cold Swedish night, and considering the long sleeves and full skirt, it breathed well and kept me surprisingly cool in the stuffy and warm tavern. Yay for organic materials! Had this dress been made out of a synthetic fabric, I probably would have been sweating through the night.

Also – can you believe that hedgehog hair is all natural, no rats or hairpieces added AND my natural hair colour (although slightly powdered)? Quite far from todays raven locks, don’t you think?

– Magdalena