Melodifestivalen – Help!

The closest thing Sweden will ever get to having a religion, or common national belief is Melodifestivalen. Essentially, it’s our lengthy Eurovision outtakes, that takes place over 6 weekends, in different arenas across the country, where songs battle it out to get to the Stockholm finals. If you’re American or Australian and don’t know what Eurovision is all about – go Google it now. Your life will be better (and glammier) because of it. (Note: I take no responsibility for any glitter addictions or sudden homosexuality caused by this post) As per usual, this is a 6 week spectacle of not-so-great music, not-so-great stage fashion, and not-so-great shows, but that doesn’t stop most of us from loving it to bits, tuning in every week to criticise and subsequently find ourselves humming the catchier of the songs. (I can’t get this piece of bubblegum-crap out of my head, and it’s ruining just about every part of my life as is right now

). I know I do, and I will, as per usual, be attending the finals at Friends Arena in Stockholm, and pay the afterparty a visit.

What to wear, is the obvious question. Any thoughts? Share with me any looks and fashions you thought would look good for the afterparty of the year in the comment section below! 


Supposedly Aileen Pringle.


At Marchesan with Anna.

Some of the things I do are very hush-hush until they’re either published, or in other ways announced. What I did on Sunday was one of those things, and now it seems that what was once only hush-hush has grown double hush-hush, and will be one of the most exciting and challenging things I’ve ever been given the opportunity to do! Either way, here’s a shot from Sundays’ semi related shoot with the ever wonderful Emmelie Åslin. Beforehand, I met up with my girl Anna at our favorite Men’s clothing store A. Marchesan to sort out the mess that was my hair. All in all, we did a swell job, and while the final shots and look seen here may not end up being used for what it was originally intended for, we had good fun! There are no hi-res photos to show you yet, but what is below be a taste of what we did.

My calendar is really starting to fill up, so if you’re a photographer who’s interested in shooting, let me know soon! Jokes aside –  You’re excited to find out what I’m up to, aren’t you? Patience is a virtue.  

Foam rollers on the train is my go to-look whenever I want to get stared at like I'm an alien.

Foam rollers on the train is my go to-look whenever I want to get stared at like I’m an alien.

Not hi-res, but that'll come.

Not hi-res of finished look, but that’ll come. Photo: Emmelie Åslin Additional Edit: Magdalena J Hammar