Sale finds, and the importance of buying a new brush every now and then.

Having been trying to avoid boxing-day sales, I’ve limited my shopping to essentials. Here are a few items I picked up the other day.


Eyebrow Pencil in ‘Dark Brown’, BB-cream brush, IsaDora contouring kit, and two different bristle brushes. All purchased at H&M.




My favourite type of brush for brushing out pin curl or roller sets.

Regarding brushes, I often get asked why I prefer cheaper brushes to more expensive alternatives such as Mason Pearson or the likes. It’s quite simply a question of efficiency and economy. With daily use, my brushes simply get clogged up, worn out and dirty. I tend to replace these every few months, as they get grimey and are almost impossible to clean. This is part due to setting lotion, hair-spray, oils, mousses and other producs I use on my hair, but mostly due to dust! When you leave victory rolls in over night, wear a snood or hair net, or even spray the heck out of a pin curl set, your hair will seem to suck up a fair bit of dust as you go about with your day (and night). This dust all comes out when you brush it through, and as if by magic always manages to cling to the hair brush. So instead of splurging, I prefer buying a cheaper brush that is always in stock, very replaceable, and does a great job. Now for the palette.

I’ve never done a lot of contouring when doing my makeup. It wasn’t done to any great extent in the 1940s and 50s, and I have thus avoided it for obvious reasons. Being a very trendy make up technique today it is frequently seen on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and the likes. Contouring has a striking, but quite contemporary feel, and thus isn’t something I’d naturally move towards incorporating in my look. But curious as I am, I thought I’d experiment a little, and see if I could contour gently and invisibly without going full Kardashian. So if my face all of a sudden starts looking completely different – you’ll know why! Ha.



Palette swatches. Here in artificial light.



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