Dita von Teese’s ”Bird of Paradise” stage outfit.

Let’s take a closer look at what is truly a one of a kind garment! A completely marvelous embellished corset worn by the ever fabulous Dita for her ‘Bird of Paradise’ act. The show first premiered at the New York Fashion Week’s hottest party in September 2006, and features both a gilded cage and lots of feather-fan dancing! The corset is reportedly made by Dark Garden Corsetry, and in turn embellished by the equally fab Catherine D’lish. It appears to be an underbust corset covered in red feathers, worn with a choker/bra dripping in rhinestones. She wears matching panties, and in some photos, she also appears to be wearing a waist/thigh piece that extends below the bottom edge of the corset. It is worn with rhinestone embellished elbow high gloves. Thus, we appear to have a total of five separate elements that together make up this one of a kind creation! All in all – it’s to die for!



The outfit appears to have a waist piece, that adds even further to the glory of it all.

Here worn without the necklace/choker, leaving the bust exposed.

Below, you can clearly see how the choker and bra are separate from the corset.

Look at that sparkle! Wonderful closeup.

Look at that sparkle! Wonderful closeup.

The things we would do for an outfit like this, n’est-ce pas?

– Magdalena



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