40s-50s Peggy Page dress.

Craving this beautiful dress that is currently up for sale at Melamela.co.uk. Unfortunately it has a 28″ (71cm) waist which is a wee bit too large for me. But look at those sheer sleeves, and that nipped in waist! The seller describes it as follows.

”This stunning 1940s/50s dress is by Peggy Page, and is pale pink with a cross-hatched black pattern and black velvet trim on the neck and arms. The dress is fitted at the bust and waist with a flared skirt (in these images there is an extra petticoat underneath skirt, which is not included). The dress fastens at the side with a zip, and is in very good vintage condition bar a small amount of fraying near the bottom of the zip (which has been repaired), and a broken belt loop on the right side of the waist.”

Front. Beautifully fitted bustline and a very typical neckline for the time period.

Front. Beautifully fitted bustline and a very typical neckline for the time period.




Side view.


Sleeve detail.

If you have £150 to spare and impeccable taste – why not invest in this beauty? I certainly would if I coul, but my wardrobe is already full with things that need altering before I can use them. One of the perils of vintage, I suppose.




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