A question of hair.


Every now and then I receive questions regarding different topics from some of you lovely instagram-followers, and the other day I received a question concerning my hair-routine, and how I go about it weekly. As I had written my response to the girl who had asked me, I reckoned all of you might be interested in hearing, too. Thus, I thought I’d give you a run-down of a normal hair-week, discussing not necessarily setting patterns and products, but rather my various hair solutions for stressy mornings, or can’t-be-bothered-days.

Straight hair. No product, no styling.

Straight hair. No product, no styling.

To begin with, my hair is very, very thick, naturally quite straight, and sucks up moisture like the Kalahari. It is cut in a shoulder length, no-layers, no-fuss hairstyle. Being so thick, using rollers or other heated tools isn’t necessarily the best option for my hair, so I tend to avoid these. Albeit rendering a beautiful result (I’ve achieved some of my very best sets with my hot rollers), my curls simply won’t hold. The time it takes in the morning for rollers to heat up, get put in hair, and then cool down is much too long for me to want to do it on a daily basis. I do use my BaByliss I-curl every now and then to give the very ends of my hair a slight bend when I haven’t been bothered to set it all.

When I do set my hair, I usually make use of some good old normal double armed pin curl prongs, and do flat curls all around. I always do my sets on dry hair, dampened with setting lotion, as a wet set simply won’t dry. I then sleep on my set, and brush it out in the morning, and pray to God the weather is nice and dry. If it isn’t nice – I wear a scarf covering my hair like any old Hollywood actress would. If it is nice – I wear a scarf anyway. A thorough post on the setting of my hair will be up soon.

Pin curl set.

Pin curl set.

Once day of beautiful set-hair is over, the curls are usually quite flat and boring. I pin the curls up, as if I were to pin curl them again, but in one big section, when I get home, and put on a scarf to keep them as intact as possible throughout the night. Next morning, if the curls are somewhat nice, I brush them out and wear them another day, OR do a pair of victory rolls in front, and brush out only in back. This has become my go-to look, as my hair for some reason prefers to keep some curl at the back. I usually wear these victory rolls for two to three days, and set the hair in back either in pin curls or with rollers to touch them up. For the days of can’t-be-bothered, I wear my hair under a scarf, either covering all of it, or with victory rolls in front.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Victory rolls in front. Straight hair in back, with ends slightly curled under using curling iron

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Victory rolls in front. Scarf covering back.

Rainy day-scarf.

Rainy day-scarf.

Being so thick (read: heavy) and fond of all things moist, my curls generally never last more than a day or so. Therefore, I am stuck with solutions that make use of the slight wave that is left after the curls fall out or find vintage solutions to straight hair. Sometimes I wish I could just wear a wig, or move someplace with less damp weather! But until then – I do what I can.  I hope that this little run-down of the every-day styles I wear have been of use. I’d love to hear about how you style your hair! What is your go to look? Also, if any of you would be interested in ‘how to’s of any of the looks, just tell me.



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